Good Day, Sir! Show - Salesforce Podcast

A weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.

Hosted by Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago

Keeping developers and non-developers informed with our own unique brand of casual, honest, and entertaining commentary. 

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130: It’s Worth Being Brittle

In this episode, we discuss using the @testSetup annotation, Chrome enterprise supporting SaaS apps, AWS hiring James Gosling, and we answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community.

129: Code of Hour

In this episode, we discuss our experiences at Texas Dreamin' 2017, various ways people learn to code, and Salesforce's Fiscal 2018 first quarter results.

128: Moonshot

In this episode we discuss custom lightning development, PhantomJS and Headless Chrome, Apple’s Q2 earnings, Hulu TV, Oracle restructuring its sales team, Benioff’s $400 billion job creation goal, and where to meet up for happy hour at Texas Dreamin 2017.

127: Close Enough for Enterprise Software

In this episode, we discuss Amazon’s Lex as a service, AWS CEO’s comments on Oracle customers, getting started as a developer, our first computers and the languages we used, implementing Salesforce using Agile, the risk of Lightning UIs suffering from poor usability design, the risk of business logic in lightning controllers, opinions on the Lightning Design System (SLDS), and the productivity of Salesforce development vs other languages.

126: A Gusher