Good Day, Sir! Show - Salesforce Podcast

A weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.

Hosted by Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago

Keeping developers and non-developers informed with our own unique brand of casual, honest, and entertaining commentary. 

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160: Really Cool Access Database

In this episode we discuss, a bunch of stuff that I can't remember because I drank too much whiskey so check out the show links or just listen to the show. Join our Slack Community if you read this and wish for a more informative show notes...or just join to see what people talk about. Jeremy doesn't now I did this cool.

159: Trees and Blobs

In this episode, we discuss our experiences with all day meetings, running MS SQL in a docker container on a Mac, Rootstock acquiring Kenandy, changes to the Lightning URL format, and Salesforce acquiring Attic Labs to join the Quip team.

158: Man-Hugs

157: Grape Soda

In this episode, we discuss Finisar opening a facility in Texas as part of Apple's $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund for American manufacturers, John Zissomos leaving, error handling and null checking, the recent release of Illuminated Cloud 2.0, and finally we reflect on the events of 2017 and discuss our pridictions for 2018.

156: A Kerfuffle Amongst the Indoctrinated